Video Lectures

If you miss a class, you have the option of watching the video lectures I recorded a few semesters ago.  They are a little out of date, and I am not satisfied with the quality (I never mastered lecturing into a microphone), but if you prefer a lecture format rather than the online web lectures, you may find them useful.

The Proto Renaissance

Painting in Burgundy and Flanders

Italian Renaissance:  Donatello

Italian Renaissance:  Masaccio and Linear Perspective

Italian Renaissance:  Architecture and Private Patronage

High Renaissance:  Leonardo

High Renaissance:  Michelangelo, Bramante, Raphael

Venetian Painting

Northern Renaissance

Baroque:  Counter Reformation

Baroque:  Catholic Baroque Art

Baroque:  Dutch Baroque

Royal Academies of Art

Rococo art and the Enlightenment



Romantic Landscape


Impressionism:  The Painter of Modern Life

Impressionism:  Impressionist Technique

Women Impressionists


Post Impressionism:  Seurat and Cézanne

Post Impressionism:  Van Gogh and Gauguin


German Expressionism

The Degenerate Art Exhibition

The Demoiselles d’Avignon



Suprematism and Constructivism

Dutch De Stijl