Technical Requirements


You Must Have a Computer!
It may seem obvious, but access to a computer with a fast internet connection is a critical requirement for success in this online course.  If your computer breaks down, you’ll need a back-up plan — fast!  The college has several computer labs that you can use in an emergency (while the guys at the genius bar restore your hard drive).  Just keep in mind — a broken computer is not an excuse for failure to keep up with course work!



You Must Have Audio
You will be required to watch narrated videos throughout the semester, which means that you will need headphones, or some other way to access sound


Mobile App Warning!
Some course content as presented in Blackboard Learn is not fully supported on mobile devices. While mobile devices provide convenient access to check in and read information about your courses, they should not be used to perform work such as taking tests, quizzes, completing assignments, or submitting substantive discussion posts.

Preferred Browsers!
Blackboard Learn is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer.  To ensure that everything is working properly, you should install the most updated versions of the following “preferred” browsers:


Chrome Chrome

Wordprocessing Programs!
Assignments should be uploaded in one of the following three formats:

word_document_48x48 Microsoft Word

pdf-icon-48x48 PDF

rtf-file-icone-5554-48 RTF