What is Art History?

Let’s begin with an exploration of the purposes of art:  Why do we make art, and do all cultures make art for the same purpose?

What is Art For? (The School of Life)

As this next video will explain, much of the art of the ancient world was made for religious purposes.  This means that when we view this art today, we are sing it outside of it original context, devoid of its original spiritual meaning:

A Brief History of Religion in Art (TED-Ed)

As this video will explain, our modern notion of the artist did not even exist in ancient times:

Laura Morelli, “Is There a Difference Between Art and Craft?” (TD-Ed)

How do we look at a work of art?  This video explains a strategy called “se, wonder, think”


Finally, why should we bother looking at art at all?

Why Look at Art? (Smarthistory/Khan Academy)

Amy E. Herman, How art can help you analyze (TedX)

Why Should I study Art History?

When a student realizes that Art History is not going to be an easy “A,” questions invariably arise: how come I took this class? What’s in it for me? Why should I study art history?  Here are five compelling reasons to cheer you . . . .

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