Chapter 3: The Renaissance in Italy

There are eight sections in this chapter

  1. Introduction:  The Renaissance
  2. Art and Civic Pride in Florence
  3. Donatello and the Allure of Antiquity
  4. Masaccio and Linear Perspective
  5. Private Patronage and Secular Art in the Renaissance
  6. Renaissance Architecture
  7. The Role of the Artist in the Renaissance
  8. Savonarola and the Bonfire of the Vanities

Learning Goals:

  1. Explain how Donatello’s sculptures differed from medieval representations of saints, and how this new style can be related to “Humanism”
  2. Identify the innovative painting techniques introduced by Masaccio, and explain their significance
  3. Discuss the role of patronage in the Renaissance, and the new types of subject matter that private patronage made possible
  4. Describe the characteristic features of Brunelleschi’s architecture, and explain how his approach expressed the new ideals of the Renaissance
  5. Explain who Savonarola was, and his reaction to Renaissance art