Homework 9.1: Post Impressionism

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Seurat, A Sunday on the Grand Jatte

1.    Explain Seurat’s “divisionist method” of painting.  How did this work, and why did he want to do this?

2.  What aspects of this picture are similar to Impressionism, and how is it different?

Seurat, Bathers at Asniéres

3. According to the speakers, what class do the individuals depicted in this painting belong to, and how can we tell ?

4. The speakers also discuss Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte.  Where is the Grande Jatte located in relation to this scene, and what kind of social commentary was Seurat making by creating these pictures as a pair?

Cézanne’s The Basket of Apples

5. According to the authors, what is “artificial” about linear perspective in relationship to how we actually see things in the world?

6. According to the authors, how is Cézanne’s painting “less like the frozen vision of a still camera and more like the continuous vision of a video camera”?