Homework 8.4 Impressionism

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Monet’s The Argenteuil Bridge – Smarthistory

1.  Explain the subject matter of this picture. Where was it located, who would have gone, there, and how would they have gotten there?

2.  According to the speakers, what is so innovative about Monet’s approach to painting?   What does he do that has not been done before?

Monet’s Rouen Cathedral Series – Smarthistory

3.  Explain how Monet made this series of paintings.  Why was it necessary for him to create a series – what was he trying to do?

Morisot’s The Mother and Sister of the Artist – Smarthistory

4.  According to the speakers, how does the subject matter of women Impressionists differ from that of their male colleagues, and why?

5.  According to the speakers, how does this picture capture the role of women in 19th century society?

Cassatt’s The Child’s Bath – Smarthistory

6.  According to the speakers, where else in the history of art do we see depictions of a mother and child?

7.  According to the speakers, why did the artist choose to show the figures from such an unusual angle?

Cassatt’s In the Loge – Smarthistory

8.  According to the speakers, the opera was a place to “see and be seen.” How does this picture capture the complex dynamics of “looking” in 19th century society?