Homework 5.5 Baroque Art and Absolutism

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5.5 Baroque Art and Absolutism

Rubens, Presentation of the Portrait of Marie de Medici

1.  Explain what this series of 24 paintings was supposed to accomplish, and why it was not an “easy task.”

2.  Explain the subject matter of this picture.  Who are the mythological figures, and what is the symbolism?

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Louis XIV (Art Through Time: A Global View)

3.  According to this resource, what is the significance of the sword?

4.  According to this resource, how was this portrait used at Louis XIV’s court?

Velasquez, Las Meninas (Smarthistory)

5.  According to the speakers, who are the figures reflected in the mirror, and how does this account for the attentive gazes of the figures who look out of the painting at us?

6.  According to the speakers, how is this picture different from usual royal “portraits”?