Homework 5.3 Dutch Genre Painting

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5.3 Dutch Genre

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Johannes Vermeer and Dutch Scenes of Daily Life in the 1600s (NGA)

1.  According to this resource, what is “genre painting,” and how is it different from portraiture?

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Jan Olis, Dutch Family in an Interior (Art Through Time: A Global View)

2.  According to this resource, what kind of “message” or “lesson” was this picture intended to convey?

Jan Steen, In Luxury Look Out (private blog)

3.  According to this blogger, what does the phrase “a Jan Steen household” mean, and what “message” was scenes such as this one meant to convey?


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Jacob van Ruisdael, Bleaching Ground in the Countryside Near Harlem (Art Through Time: A Global View)

4.  According to this resource, how does this picture reflect Dutch national pride?