Homework 5.1 Catholic Baroque: Bernini

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5.1 Catholic Baroque

The Counter Reformation (Smarthistory)

1.  According to this video, why were some Protestants against religious images, and what did they do as a result?

2.  According to this video, how did the Counter Reformation church respond to the Protestant attack on religious images?  What role did the church assign to religious images, and how did they justify their use?

3.  Summarize the threefold response of the Catholic Counter Reformation Church to the Protestant Reformation

Pozzo’s Glorification of Saint Ignatius

4.  According to the speakers, how does this painting accomplish what “all Baroque art” sets out to do?

5.  How do the allegorical figures representing the continents of the world relate to the goals of the Counter Reformation church?

Bernini’s St. Peter’s Square

6.   According to this video, what was the symbolism of the colonnade that Bernini designed for the forecourt of St Peters?

Bernini’s David

7.  According to the speakers, how is this statue different from Michelangelo’s version of David?

Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Theresa

8.  According to the speakers, what does “all Baroque art” try to do?  How does this statue group achieve that goal?

9.  What “trick” did Bernini use to make this work seem to be magically illuminated?