Homework 4.1: The Protestant Reformation

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4.1 Reformation

Introduction to the Protestant Reformation (Smarthistory)

1.  According to the speakers, how was money raised for the re-building of St. Peter’s, and why did people like Martin Luther have a problem with this? 

2.  According to the speakers, what role did the printing press play in the Protestant Reformation?

3.  What were the two ways that Catholics believed could get you into heaven, and what did Martin Luther propose instead

Michelangelo’s Last Judgment (Sistine Chapel)

4.  According to the speakers, how does this painting differ from Michelangelo’s earlier work?  What is the “message,” and how is it expressed?

5.  The Smarthistory speakers recount a story told by Giorgio Vasari about a man by the name of Biagio da Cesena who viewed Michelangelo’s Last Judgment before it was completed.  What did Biagio say about the painting, and how did Michelangelo get his revenge?