Homework 3.3 Raphael and Bramante

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3.3 Raphael and Bramante

Raphael’s Belle Jardiniere

1.  According to the speakers, what specific aspects of this picture make it typical of the High Renaissance?

Raphael’s School of Athens

2.  Who are the two central figures, and what two sides of western thinking do they represent?

3.  How are the other figures arranged in relation to the philosophical ideas represented by these two figures?

4.  Who did Raphael use as a model for the figure of Heraclitus, and how is this figure different from the other figures in the painting?

Saint Peter’s Basilica

5.  What kind of design was usually used for Christian churches, and what was different about Bramante’s design?

6.  What “perfect” geometric shapes formed the basis of Bramante’s design?