Homework 3.2: Michelangelo

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3.2 Michelangelo

Michelangelo’s David

1.  What specific moment in the story does Michelangelo depict in this statue, and how can we tell?

2.  According to the speakers, why did the Florentines fall in love with this statue?  What did it symbolize to them?

Michelangelo’s Moses

3.  Who commissioned Michelangelo’s Moses, and what was the statue for?

4.  What do the speakers mean when they say that Moses is a “figure in transition”?

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The Creation of Adam (Art Through Time:  A Global View)

5.  According to this resource, what is the “true significance” of Michelangelo’s scene representing the Creation of Adam?  How does it reflect Michelangelo’s attitude towards the human body?

Michelangelo’s Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Note:  this video is quite long

6.  In their discussion of the Libyan Sybil, how do the speakers say that Michelangelo expressed the divinity of this figure, and how is it different from medieval art?

7.  In their discussion of the Temptation of Adam and Expulsion,  what do the speakers observe about the contrast in the way Adam and Eve are represented before and after the Fall?