Homework 2.3: Private Patronage

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2.3 Private Patronage

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Portrait Painting in Florence in the Later 1400s (NGA)

Lippi’s Portrait of a Man and Woman at a Casement

1.  According to these resources, why is the rise of portraiture in the Renaissance significant, and how does it reflect the new Humanism of the era?

2.  How were “wedding portraits” used in the Renaissance?

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Patrons and Artists in Late 15th Century Florence (NGA)

3.  According to this resource, how did the motivations for commissioning works of art change during the Renaissance, and what new subjects did this change inspire?

Botticelli’s Birth of Venus

4.  According to the speakers, what was so revolutionary about this painting, and how does private patronage account for this dramatic departure from tradition?  Why would a painting like this never have been possible in the middle ages?

5.  According to the speakers, how does this painting deviate from the naturalistic conventions of the Renaissance?

6.  According to the speakers, what is an “allegory,” and what is this painting an allegory of?