Homework 2.2: Masaccio

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2.2 Masaccio

How One Point Linear Perspective Works (Smarthistory)

1.  What are the three basic elements of linear perspective?

2.  Why was linear perspective so important?  What did it enable artists to do that they couldn’t do before?

Masaccio’s Holy Trinity:

3.  According to the speakers, what is so significant about how Christ’s body is depicted in this picture?

4.   According to the speakers, what does Masaccio have in common with Donatello?

Masaccio’s The Tribute Money in the Brancacci Chapel

5.  Explain the narrative of this picture, and how it related to contemporary Florentine events

6.  Explain how the artist directs the viewer’s eye through this picture.  Where does our eye go first, and how does the artist draw our attention there?  Where does our eye go next, and how does the artist guide us?

7.  Explain the technique Masaccio used to make the mountains in the distance appear to be far away

8.  What technique is used to create the illusion that the buildings are receding into depth?