Homework 11: Cubism

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Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

1.  According to the speakers, what aspect of this picture recalls Manet’s Olympia

2.  According to the speakers, what aspects of this picture reflect the influence of Cézanne?

3.  According to the speakers, what “primitive” sources did Picasso draw on in this picture, and why did he do this?

4.  According to the speakers, what did William Rubin (former curator of the Museum of Modern Art) say this picture was about?

Cubism as 4-dimensional Art (A&E)

5.  According to this video, why did the Cubists choose to represent objects in fragmentary forms?

Braque, The Portuguese (Smarthistory)

6.  Based on what you learned from this resource, explain how a Cubist artist would represent a simple coffee cup. How does this approach differ from Renaissance conventions, and Why did the Cubists want to do this?

Picasso Still Life with Chair Caning (Khan Academy)

7.  Explain the story about how the painter Georges Braque first used “oil cloth” in one of his paintings

8.  According to this resource, why was it such a big deal that Braque and Picasso started using things like “oil cloth” in their pictures?

9.  Explain the subject matter of this picture – what are we looking at, and how are we seeing it?