Chapter 0:  Introduction:  The Basics

Chapter 1:  The Proto-Renaissance

Chapter 2:  The Early Renaissance in Burgundy and Flanders

Chapter 3:  The Renaissance in Italy

Chapter 4:  The High Renaissance in Florence and Rome

Chapter 5:  Mannerism, Venetian Painting, Germany, and the Netherlands

Chapter 6:  Baroque Europe

Chapter 7:  Art and the Enlightenment

Chapter 8:  Romanticism

Chapter 9:  The Industrial Revolution:  Realism and Impressionism

Chapter 10:  Post Impressionism and Expressionism in Europe

Chapter 11:  Art in the Machine Age

Chapter 12:  Art Between the Wars

Chapter 13:  Postwar Art in Europe

Chapter 14:  American Art 1900-1940

Chapter 15:  American Abstract Expressionism

Chapter 16:  Pop Art